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Wedding Bands Galway by Dj Corky Galway

Wedding Bands Galway

Hi im Dj Corky ,

Having played all over Ireland in almost every type of venue you can imagine, to varied audiences, and playing music to suit your special day, I Dj Corky and the Wedding Bands Galway, have the experience you require. we can provide you with the day and entertainment you only dreamed of.

I have worked and consequently became friends with the best Wedding Bands Galway, this relationship has become invaluable as we can work side by side no questions asked. We have developed such a close professional relationship that the transition from the Wedding Bands Galway to Dj Corky happens seamlessly. Such to an extent that members,  guests, or the bridal party compliment us, to only realise that Dj Corky started playing when the Wedding Bands Galway decided they would go on a break.

Choosing the Wedding Bands Galway and Dj Corky is one of the most challenging things to do when organising your wedding day. Remember that you, the Bride and Groom, should settle for nothing less than a professional, reliable entertaining group who can alter and tailor a vast selection of music  to match your taste and that of your guests.

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Wedding Bands Galway

Wedding Bands Galway