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Finally The Launch Of

Welcome to

Yes it has come together finally,  after a long, long, long  time my website has landed, im Brian and your welcome to Firstly thank you to everyone who has help me to get to here, to the guys at Bank On Seo to the team at Monroes, and to my Mother and Family thank you for helping me in ways that you might not think u did.

Dj has being going on for almost a year, with delays, and things I had no control over, aswel as getting pictures together to you guys for sending in testimonials & other information that we have on now and are going up very soon.

Well in one year, we saw  the biggest producers in the world bring out the biggest hit, to telling us they are finished, yes, you guessed it Swedish House Mafia  and Don’t you worry child came on to the club, pub and music scene and you went mad for it and then it stopped. To now and Avicii wake me up, to lurgan and a few students singing it ‘as gaeilge’ on the that irish institution we all love to hate urgh I cant say it “The Late Late Show” and yes it made it cool to say it was AMAZING to watch.   The questions  remains unanswered DID YOU SEE IT???

Like everything, I have to say enjoy the night, enjoy Dj thanks for coming to my Official Launch in Monroes Live. And to ye Legends the Amazing Apples, ye are mental,


Thanks guys

Happy Weekend


X – X – X



September 24th, 2013

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