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DJ Corky What A Weekend!

What a weekend and what a night in Monroe’s on Friday night, so its not alone Blog Entry time but its also Video of the week time.

“This is truly amazing, what a vocal performance, on key every time, all of the time, this is a video, that if your like me hear it once you keep repeating it, this is what true music is, no matter what mood your in like me, all i want to do is hear this performance, ps this only went up on september 19th. Enough said listen and enjoy”

When it comes to music, we had in the ninety’s Billy Rae Cyrus and achy Breaky Heart, this must be played and more, but from time to time it does, and to be honest im a little disappointed that a song could be played when at the same time we had Urban Cookie Collective.  But to be honest when “I think I speak for all people”  we saw Miley Cyrus was on that certain awards programme doing that routine, and to be honest i sorta had to get sick. Im not gona show you that,


I will show you this My MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK,

The SATURDAYS and Disco Love,

So to put it in Context,

  • A Wonderful Performance???
  • Billy Rae Cyrus Must be disappointed when he saw Miley doing that routine and had to get sick


October 1st, 2013

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